Sustainable textile printing from the Kempen region

sustainable textile printing

Shirtify is a company from the Kempen region that offers durable textile printing for your club, bachelor party or as a new sports outfit. We are not the cheapest or the fastest, but we are the best for this planet. Sustainable fashion: a topic we can no longer ignore.

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Sustainable fashion

Sustainable clothing and textile printing: something that seems to contradict each other. There are different ways of making sustainable clothing. The clothing industry in general is quite polluting and uses a lot of water and energy. Therefore, some manufacturers work with a 'no-water'-system that both saves water and sends less chemicals into the environment. There are also dyes that do not burden the environment or burden it much less than normal dyes, for example because they are vegetable or vegan. With printing on demand (we also print one T-shirt), you also don't have to deal with overproduction. Something that is in stark contrast to fast fashion culture. Want to know how we deal with sustainable fashion and why we attach so much importance to it? Then take a look at our 'sustainability' page.

In a creative mood?

Are you in a creative mood today and want to get your design printed on a t-shirt or hoodie? Or are you invited to that famous bachelor party? Did you just start a business as a window cleaner? Is your local youth movement looking for new camp shirts? We have something for everyone. Take a look at our own design page or contact us. Let yourself go, we'll do the work for you.