Having your own website created for a fixed price per month? That seems unfeasible. Do you have your own business, congratulations! Do you already have a website but it needs to be updated? Or are you ready for a webshop to sell your products digitally? Having a website made can quickly add up to thousands of euros and take a big chunk out of your budget.

We offer a website for a fixed price per month so you always know where you stand. Our price formulas are transparent and fair.

No hidden costs

SEO optimization?

What is SEO?

Millions of people in Belgium and the Netherlands use Google every day to ask their questions. Search engines answer these questions with an overview where sites with the clearest answers come out on top.

Through SEO optimization (SEO), your website gets higher rankings, so you provide clearer answers to their questions.

In the long run, users will be more likely to come to your company and therefore more likely to place an order or contact you. For a fixed price and without hidden costs we create this for you.

Do you already have an existing website and want to have it made SEO-friendly as well? You can. Provide us with the access in WP and we can get started. This too, of course, at a fixed price, without hidden costs.

Improve online findability for a fixed monthly fee

To make SEO a success you need to keep at it on a regular basis. We start with an SEO strategy, conduct a keyword research and investigate the competition. Then I implement improvements in your website and write SEO texts.

Please ask for some more information. We will schedule a meeting with you to go over everything clearly. Contact us here or send an email to info@shirtify.be

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